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What does an Herbalist Do?

I’ve been a practicing Certified Clinical Herbalist for 10 years but people still want to know...

“What does an Herbalist do and who’s it for?" And I’m happy to answer!

I practice Traditional Western Herbalism, which is a safe, gentle, and effective healing practice that has been around for centuries. Throughout history, all over the world, Herbal remedies have been used to deeply nourish and stimulate our bodies to help heal themselves. Unlike prescription and over the counter medication, herbalists do not try to suppress symptoms, but try to bring greater vitality and strength to the whole body so the body can experience the natural state of health. In my practice I try to bring my clients the best of the ancient art of herbalism and the evolving modern science-based information of nutrition and supplementation. At the Journey Health Shop, you will find a pharmacy stocked with organic bulk herbs, handmade tinctures and the best nutritional supplements around. I have found using these products along with a sound diet and whole foods improves the health of the body by providing specific nutrients needed for the healing process.

As an herbalist, I deeply enjoy my work, helping others find their way to health care that is gentle, effective and fosters a greater connection with our own bodies and our state of health. Daily practices of self-care such as drinking an herbal nutritive tea, taking a daily vitamin, or eating more whole foods, lead to an awareness of our selves and an improvement in our health on many levels. More energy for the things we want to do. Better sleep, handling stress better, all these things improve when we take care of ourselves and I’ve seen baby steps on the path to health lead to great strides in how one feels in life overall.

As for the question of “Who’s it for?” that’s easy, Everyone! Women, Men, Children, the Elderly, Pregnant women, the Chronically ill, the Stressed out and those who just want to improve their overall health and feel great. For persons on medication, with appropriate precautions in place, herbs and supplements can be used safely as a compliment to conventional medical care or as an alternative.

I offer consultations for people experiencing a range of health problems, specializing in

· Digestive Disorders

· Stress, Fatigue, Insomnia

· Pre-Diabetes Education

but my practice also includes: Immune System Issues, Depression and Anxiety, Women’s and Men’s Health Issues, Allergies– seasonal and food, and so much more!

Just remember-Natural Medicine–everyone can use it!

Stop in today or call to make an appointment with Christen. She offer’s anywhere from 30 minute consultations for minor health questions to longer sessions depending on your health goals.

Herbs for the People!

Christen Sherwood is a Certified Clinical Herbalist, Certified Nutritionist and owner of

The Journey Health Shop in Clear Lake. For more information visit

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