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A New Name

A New Path

Journey Health Shop

Since 2007 Christen Sherwood has been the proud owner of the Healing House Herb Shop, a local business known as a place to come for your natural health answers. Offering herbs, supplements and massage she has worked to bring an alternative choice to consumers on the path to health. In 2018, Christen changed the name to Journey Health Shop to reflect a new direction. Christen is now partnering with her husband, Dr. Jerry Nelson, to bring you an even more comprehensive choice in natural health. Our love and respect for the power of plants and natural remedies to assist a person on the path to health drives who we are and what we do. Every. Single. Day. Christen is proud to have produced years of happy customers and she and Jerry look forward to continuing the work becoming the best Vitamin, Herb, and Supplements Store in North Iowa.

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