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SWEDISH MASSAGE                                                                         

60 minutes $65 I 40 minutes $45

For a nourishing, body softening, and mind opening massage experience we recommend the Swedish massage. Smooth gliding strokes, kneading and stretching, compression and friction are all combined with pure essential oils to create truly divine relaxation. 

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE                                                                     

50 minutes $ 65 

This massage is perfect for a stressed mind and tense musculature. Using deep strokes and trigger point release the body’s own healing forces are stimulated.


Added at end of massage + $25.00 (+25 minutes)

Vacuum manual therapy is mainly used to:

  • Separate adhesions in tissue payers and create space in the fascia;

  • Liberate trapped inflammation;

  • Liquefy and stimulate lymph drainage;

  • Sedate and regulate the nervous system;

  • Relieve pain;

  • Soften and minimize scar tissue; and

  • Release rigid tissue and compensatory patterns.                                                     


Added throughout massage session + $20.00

Using techniques of Feldenkriese and Alexander Technique, Christen will take your body through a wide range of motions and stretches to open and relax constricted areas. 


RAINDROP | ESSENTIAL OIL TREATMENT                                                                                    50 minutes- $60 | 25 minutes-Added at end of hour massage. +$30  

This treatment is perfect for a stressed mind and tense musculature. The body’s own healing forces are stimulated through the use of specific essential oils applied to the back and feet. We use moist-heat packs on your back and reflexology with hot towels on your feet to bring you comfortably back to a more balanced state of being. 


Added at end of massage + $30.00 (+25 minutes)

This massage technique is a slow, gentle external massage of the abdomen and lower back that works to soften the muscles, aid in digestion, adjust the uterus to its proper position, and enhance circulation of blood and, lymphatic fluids. It has been used successfully as part of a holistic treatment for problems including painful periods, fertility issues, uterine fibroids, low backache, digestive issues, prolapse and pre or post-operatively for pelvic healing. 


PRENATAL MASSAGE                                                                           

60 minutes $65

Our gentle side-lying pregnancy massage is designed to nurture the mother-in-the-making, relieving  common prenatal discomforts. Women who receive regular massages while pregnant report healthier pregnancies, stronger bodies and a deeper connection with their blossoming bellies and growing babies. 

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