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Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart!

As I pause to reflect on the approaching end to another year, I am overwhelmed with the new reality we live in and the fact that this past year-for me-has flown by.

I feel like I can't quite get my mind to grasp all that is and has happened in the world and in our small town. The emotional rollercoaster of the changes we have had to make and the uncertainty of it all has challenged so many of us. This challenge has pushed us to adapt, to look at our fears, to deal with our lives in new and sometimes difficult ways, and it has also given us an opportunity to better ourselves.

And I’ve experienced all of this-and not just in myself:

This past year so many of you have put your trust in me to support you with whatever you were going through or needed help with. Whether you needed herbs or supplements to keep you and your family healthy, or you just wanted to discuss health options, or stress issues, or just to have someone to talk to, you came to me and for this I am so grateful.

Because of your support and your trust I was able to keep my Shop open and running throughout the year. I realize so many businesses have not been as lucky as I have been this year.

I am here because of you-and for you, Thank You.

I look forward to 2021.

I promise to continue to improve my service, to grow my product lines and to offer you the best service and prices I can so I can retain your loyal patronage.

I plan to offer classes again as soon as it is safe and I’m looking forward to having the Health Expo in the Early Fall.

I also promise to be here for you if you just need to talk, or you need a cup of healing tea and hopefully I can offer hugs again someday soon.

I wish for you all a beautiful and rich Holiday filled with whatever you need.

I wish for you moments for reflection and

I wish you Peace and Health,

today and in the new year to come.

I am Truly Deeply Thankful


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1 Comment

Oct 07, 2021

Thanks for sharinng this

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