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Springtime Herbal Adventure Class!

I spent many Happy hours this last Fall planning my Spring classes for this year, including a particular topic that I’m passionate about and was excited to offer for the first time- The Green Pharmacy Class. Well with all that’s going on in the world, I cancelled a few classes and pushed a few back in the schedule-hoping to offer them at a later time, but The Green Pharmacy Class keeps coming up for me as something I really want to share. Spring time is the best time to do this class and so I’ve decided to offer this class with a limited number of spaces. This 4-part class is a wonderful way to experience herbs and to learn how to prepare and use quality herbal medicines. Why not turn many of our local plants into a bountiful herbal pharmacy? In these classes you’ll learn to prepare and use: teas, oils and salves, liniments, vinegars, syrups and tinctures. At the end of the 4th session you will have the beginnings of your very own Green Pharmacy.

This class is a great jumping off place for continued Herbal learning. As I said, Springtime is the best time to offer this class, as we have so many wonderful herbs coming up in the garden right now so, Come Play in the Garden with me and learn how to make the following:

· Vinegars and Elixirs- June 6th

· Oils and Salves -June 13th

· Tinctures and Liniments -June 27th

· Medicinal Teas and Syrups-July 11th

This Class is great for the beginner and herb enthusiasts alike. In each of the 4 classes you will be collecting, tasting, and learning about many medicinal herbs, fresh from the garden, and dried ones too, and you’ll have lots of hands on time preparing herbal remedies that you’ll get to take home. All are easy to use, yummy and good for you too.

Classes will be held Saturday mornings from 9 to 11 but we may go to noon some days.

Cost for all 4 classes: $160-($40 a class if purchased together-$50 for individual classes)

Because of Covid 19-Class size is limited.

To get more information about the classes, options for individual classes and to register for the series please click on the link below.

The first class is in 3 weeks so don’t delay! Remember I’m limiting class size and Thank you

Green Pharmacy Class Series Information and Registration. When you register for the series it will only send you confirmation for the June 6th class but you’ll be registered for all classes. To Register for individual classes you have to call me.

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