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Musings on Gratefulness and a Covid Case Share.

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

With all the Covid-19 infections in the US it's interesting to me that I personally have not met many people that have had it. I know it's out there, I know people's lives are turned upside down and I know people are dying from it, but I've been lucky as it has not touched me or my immediate family. I do believe masks and limiting our interactions has helped. We take good supplements to support our immune system and I think living in our small town of Clear Lake has somewhat -thankfully-isolated us.

But now, 9 months into it, I'm starting to meet many more people who have had it or came into contact with it. I also have to say that I personally haven't known anyone that has been severely ill or has died from Covid and for this I feel very lucky. This virus has affected so many.

Through this all I realize I have been blessed in so many ways. With this Pandemic and my focus on natural health and healing, these last few months have kept me busy helping my wonderfully supportive customers. Your trust in me has allowed me to keep my doors open and I've been working hard to keep your trust by keeping my shelves stocked up with the best supplements and herbs known to assist the body's immune system to keep you and your families healthy.

But it's more then just your business that has been a blessing to me-everyday I look for things to be grateful and the other day a customer came in with the gift of her Covid story that I want to share with you.

This person has been a customer of mine for almost 8 years- She is approaching 60, still works and she lives on her own with grown children in the area. She believes she picked up the virus at work but this has not been confirmed. I want to add besides getting massage and supplements from me she has also taken many classes that I offer. One of the classes she attended was the Immune Health Class that I offer every Fall.

Her story goes, that her daughter noticing her worsening cough sent her to be tested. 2 days later she got the call that she tested positive. That moment was frightening for her as she thought-"I'm alone. My children can't come into the house, What if this illness gets out of control-who will help me?"

For the first 3 days she told me, the fear got the worst of her as she worried over the possibility of dying. So many people her age die from Covid-what was she supposed to think? In these first 3 days, her symptoms became worse, her congestions and cough were severe and she lost her sense of taste and smell.

By the 4th day she realized that none of her symptoms, though bad, had moved to the point that she may need to go to the Hospital. She started to think that maybe she was going to survive-

And then she started to think, "How can I help myself get better?

At this point in her story she got a sparkle in her eye as she looked at me and said-" I remembered the class I took with you last year-the one about health and things to do for yourself if you get sick-well I decided to see what self care things I could manage!"

The first thing she remembered was that for a cough and sore throat make a honey garlic lemon tea-she didn't have fresh garlic but she did have some ginger-which is a great replacement. She started drinking 2-3 cups daily.

Next she wanted to address her congestion and she remembered a steam was a great way to break up congestion-I recommend hot steamy water poured into a bowl, add some essential oil like eucalyptus, cover your head with a towel and breathe in while your sinus drain-Well She had a great idea- She got out her rice cooker, plugged it in, added salted water, as she didn't have essential oils and she covered her head with a towel and steamed her sinus for an hour-She mentioned it was kind of gross what came out but it relieved her pressure. {The use of the rice cooker was such a brilliant idea-I will use it myself!}

And finally she made herself take baths to keep her temperature up which is what the body does naturally with a fever when fighting off foreign invaders.

She added some epsom salts to the bath which relieved her aches and pains and gave her some added magnesium. After the bath she wrapped herself up and went to bed.

These were the 3 simple things that she could handle in her weakened state. They gave her something to do and they also made her feel so much better. Not just physically but the simple act of taking responsibility and doing self care was, in her mind, an act of self love that gave her strength.

I reminded her that she had been practicing self care for a long time-The simple act of getting massage once a month, of purchasing quality supplements to keep her healthy and by taking classes to increase her knowledge-these were all ways that she took care of herself, and I know she had many other things she did everyday that she just didn't acknowledge. Eating quality food, taking time with friends and family, going for walks-these also sustain her.

She also shared because she lives alone-that sometimes she feels alone- but the virus was kind of a gift that showed her that she still has resilience and strength. She came out of the house with a renewed thankfulness and vitality for life. I could feel it as she shared her story with me.

If you've been feeling down, I hope you can take this story and apply it to your own life. and possibly just find some small way to make yourself feel a little better. It's true things can be the darkest before the dawn and right now I am encouraging each of you to focus on the dawn-or on all the ways that you can and do sustain yourself through these times. If you're looking to feel better make a list of the positive things in your life, or call a friend, make your favorite meal, definitely turn off the news and watch a feelgood movie!

If you're feeling physically low ask yourself what things can I do and add to my life to be healthier? A good tea, a warm bath, a walk outside? Are you taking your Zinc? Your elderberry syrup? Sometimes it's the smallest things that make the biggest impact. If you need help deciding what to add to your regimen, you can stop into the Journey Health Shop-I have some great suggestions and just in case you're interested I am offering the Immune Health Class again in 2 weeks-on November 21st. I jam it full of lots of easy to do self help care tips, science backed recommendations and easy to make recipes for you and your family.

In fact I have a whole slew of great Herbal Classes coming up, so check them out on my website- under events. Or stop into the Shop and let me help you get on the path to health. As I said, your trust in me has allowed me to do what I love-let me help you to have the energy and health to do what you love!

In this time of Covid-I continue to wish you all moments to be grateful for, good health and safety, and of course I wish you all to be HAPPY

which to me means, May your life be filled with:




Prosperity and a

Youthful Outlook!

My mantra and prayer to all that inhabit this world.



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